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Playing Basketball

About Santa Clarita Basketball

About SCV Basketball

In 2004, I moved to Santa Clarita, CA with my son and as he grew older and more interested in sports, we had a difficult time making sense of all of the different city, county, private and school run programs.

As he tried almost everything the town had to offer or we could find, it wasn't until he was 10 that we found some of the best basketball programs for kids in Santa Clarita, our goal at Santa Clarita Basketball is to help other find the best coaches, best leagues and best kids programs in Santa Clarita - so you didn't have to go through all of the trouble we did.

Over the past few years, as our son has become more integrated into various basketball programs in Santa Clarita, we have been more connected with those programs and coaches ourselves, and this website,, is set up to showcase those top coaches, leagues and camps that the city has to offer.

We will also be sharing updates on the local high school teams and news on basketball recruits from the Santa Clarita Valley, along with players who have made it at the collegiate and pro levels. 


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