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Sam Bauer of Bauer Ball - SCV Coach

Sam Bauer is one of the most talented coaches in Santa Clarita. Ex graduate of Los Angeles Valley College is passionate about helping kids get better and changing their lives. Sam played as a point guard in college and it was a natural transition for him to use his leadership abilities as a coach.

Being a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan and playing at the semi-pro level (ABA) gave him a chance to see the game from many different perspectives.

Sam is knowledgeable about basketball, he understands every detail of the game. He can always find a way to connect drills to real game situations and help players to develop.

Enthusiasm and energy are shining through every time when Sam speaks about the game and that helps players understand him better and create a healthy bond that is needed in every relationship.

Having a connection with the players is equally as important as having knowledge about the technical and tactical aspects of the game.

Sam knows how to motivate young ballers and he is able to generate their desire to excel.

Coach Bauer is committed to individual integrity, values, and personal growth. He leads by example and he is willing to listen to players the same way they should also listen to him.

Staying up-to-date and informed of new research, training, and everything which supports the coaching process, attending coaching clinics and camps, and seeking out tips from other coaches and athletes are making Sam Bauer a special coach with a bright future.

Coach Bauers owns Bauer Basketball and he works for Statham Academy and Creators Basketball.

We talked with Sam about his love for love for the game, and here is what he shared with us.

How did you get started playing basketball?

Notre Dame Basketball Camp as a kid.

What is your favorite thing about coaching basketball?

Teaching kids the value of hard work, sacrifice, and discipline so that they can not only become more successful on the court…but also become more successful off the court.

What player or coach has inspired you the most in your life and why?

Kobe Bryant. Kobe’s attitude and approach to the game of basketball and life was something that grabbed my attention and led me to study every move he made. I used to be in the gym for hours just repeating and repeating his moves. Sometimes I spent 5-6 hours in the gym alone. Kobe made it cool to be obsessed with your craft.

What makes the city of Santa Clarita special about basketball?

The Santa Clarita Valley is huge. There are 6 major high schools. There’s plenty of representation in the MLB and NFL from SCV. Why not basketball? We need to change that.

What is one tip or word of advice you would give parents looking to get their kid(s) into basketball? And what are some of the positive qualities you see kids getting from playing basketball?

Basketball is difficult. It takes balance, quick feet, fast decisions, hand eye coordination, and precise muscle memory, and touch.

If your kid can become skilled on the basketball court, they will most likely be able to easily play other sports also.

The best way to contact Sam is on Instagram: BauerBasketball or on Twitter at sambauer_24

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