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Travis Divita of Creators Basketball

Travis Divita is one of the owners and founders of Creators Basketball in Santa Clarita California. At the current moment, the Creators 11u Travel Ball team is ranked #5 on the West Coast.

In addition to coaching, Travis is also a current player, representing Santa Clarita and the Creators in on the USA 3x3 Basketball National Team.

A native of Santa Clarita and a huge Golden State Warriors fan, Travis went to high school at Canyon High and then after serving in the US Navy, attended Master's University in Newhall, CA where Travis played basketball at his natural positions of Point Guard & Shooting Guard for the Master's University Mustangs.

We asked Travis a series of questions about his passion for basketball, and here is what we discussed.

How did you get started playing basketball?

I started playing basketball when I was 3 years old. My older brother was into it and so I naturally did as well. Once I picked up a basketball, I never put it down.

What is your favorite thing about coaching basketball?

My favorite thing about coaching is being the mentor that I never had. Being able to help others and teach young hoopers about life through this amazing game is truly a blessing.

As much as I have brought joy to others, they have equally if not brought even more joy to my life.

My Mom always told me, “Pick a job you love and you’ll never work again.” She couldn’t have been more right!

What player or coach has inspired you the most in your life and why?

I do not really feel like any player or coach has inspired me as I never had those types of relationships growing up.

However, the player that made me love basketball as a kid was Penny Hardaway.

As a young and skinny combo guard, he was able to score and pass with such a flare that it really captivated me as a player.

What makes the city of Santa Clarita special about basketball?

Historically, Santa Clarita has not been known as a basketball town. However, we are undoubtably becoming one and people are beginning to realize it!

The thing that makes SCV so great are the wonderful families. Families are like teams. With the culture of youth basketball being all about the individual, I think our players really understand the importance of family. You don’t abandon your family. If there are problems, you converse about them and solve them. You compromise and sacrifice for one another.

Our players and families really understand that and it is the primary reason why we have built a successful organization.

Most of the players then come to Creators end up staying long term and that enables us to obtain a level of chemistry and continuity that other programs do not have.

What is one tip or word of advice you would give parents looking to get their kid(s) into basketball? And what are some of the positive qualities you see kids getting from playing basketball?

The game of basketball teaches so many things about life. Since it is a team game, one must learn how to communicate at a high level during stressful and urgent situations.

There is no bottling up emotions because if you do - you will likely lose. Players must communicate with one another when it is difficult in order to grow.

The game teaches players to have high work ethics and that they can accomplish their goals through that hard work. It teaches players to sacrifice for the betterment of their team.

The game teaches players to be a person that simply gets stuff done no matter what. If players are on the floor playing, excuses are not allowed. Fatigue, minor injuries, mental health issues, are all not a reason to fail.

In life as adults, we all have things going on and excuses we could make. However, we all have to be someone who gets things done in order to be their first these kids! They emulate us so it is critical that we are people that can be entrusted to get the job done regardless of what it is.

The game promotes health and dedication to physical exercise. Our players are constantly spoken to about proper biomechanics of the human body. When players move correctly, they are going to be more athletic and less likely to be injured. This promotes long term health as well.

The constant skill work is teaching them coordination and all athletes will attest that that connection between mind and body is special.

Since basketball is a sport that is played in all 3 planes of motion, the movements typically translate to other sports and games as well, making it easier for them to have fun playing more games that they love and bringing more joy to their lives.

Our goal for all of our players is to become team (family) first individuals that are intelligently hard working and dedicated in all aspects of their lives.

You can follow Travis online on Instagram , YouTube and at

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